1. With Paulo Raymundo in Barcelona
  2. California. With Pamela Barrus and Kevin Hughes
  3. With Bill Altaffer in San Diego
  4. With Jeff Shea in Mrauk U
  5. With Sascha Grabow (in the middle) and Alfonso Biescas in Barcelona
  6. Midway. With Kimiyoshi Shimura
  7. With Miguel Marchi in Callao, Peru
  8. With Heinz Stucke in Barcelona, Spain
  9. In Midway with Lee Abamonte
  10. With Charles Veley (on the right) in the Republic Sahrawi
  11. Asturias. With Sabino Antuna
  12. Wake Island. With Veikko Huhtala and Oili
  13. Socotra island. With Andre Brugiroux
  14. Drinking beers in Spain with Manuel Guillen
  15. With Dario Gil in Sanaa
  16. With Juan Pons in Spain
  17. Dining with Jarl Hardenmark in PattayaDining with Jarl Hardenmark in Pattaya
  18. Con Hubert Weissinger En Barcelona
  Con Jarl Hardenmark en Pattaya