Several Travelers Clubs in the Web have created lists of countries trying to assess, in a sort of competition, the most traveled persons. Nevertheless, those lists only reflect the quantity of countries and territories traversed, but not the quality and the time spent in them.

Saint Augustine of Hippo affirmed in the V century: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.

In fact, today the world is officially divided by the United Nations in 193 countries, what means that we have 193 books to read. It is not enough to buy a book, you have to read it. Some people buy all the 193 books (representing the 193 countries of the United Nations) but they do not read all their pages, just the cover. Many people travel faster than we cook churros in Spain, missing many places that would provide them much knowledge and admiration for our fascinating planet Earth.

But how to recognize a qualitative traveler from a quantitative one?

In order to answer to this question I created many years ago, while returning in a fishing boat from Tristan da Cunha to Cape Town, a list of 222 (today 333) travelers exploits that I show here below. I have tried to select the most exciting exploits representing each one of all the 193 countries of the United Nations.

I hope that this list will encourage travelers to discover more our beautiful and maravilloso planeta Tierra!

(TEC, or Traveler’s Exploits Club, is one of the most exclusive travel clubs in the world. Take into account that there are about 6.000 people who have climbed the Everest, and about 500 cosmonauts that have been to outer space. But there are less than 100 members who have had the privilege to be accepted in the Traveler’s Exploits Club. Therefore, if somebody wants to join TEC, please, mail me your name, year of birth, country and number of exploits to and I will communicate you as soon as possible if your request has been approved)








1 – Have you traveled in the Tran Siberian, Trans Manchurian, or in the Trans Mongolian train at least 24 hours in a row?

2 – Have you boarded the Shinkansen (Japan)?

3 – Have you taken the train from Nouadhibou to Choum, or vice versa (Mauritania)?

4 – Have you traveled in the train from Chihuahua to Los Mochis via La Barranca del Cobre (Mexico)?

5 – Have you reached Lhasa by train (China)?

6 – Have you taken the Indian Pacific train in Australia at least 24 hours in a row?

7 – Have you taken the train between Ouagadougou and Kaya (Burkina Faso)?

8 – Have you boarded the Trans – Gabon Railway between Owendo (near Libreville) and Franceville?

9 – Have you taken the train from Dar es-Salaam to Kigoma (Tanzania)?

10 – Have you traveled in the train from Addis Ababa to Djibouti?

French traveler Andre Brugiroux traveled by train from Beijing to Moscow via Mongolia




11 – Have you taken the local boat along the Amazonas from Belem to Tabatinga during a minimum of 24 hours (Brazil)?

12 – Have you taken a local boat in the Yangtze to Shanghai during a minimum of 24 hours (China)?

13 – Have you taken a felucca through the Nile, from Luxor to Aswan, during a minimum of 24 hours (Egypt)?

14 – Have you traveled in D.R. Congo, from Kinshasa to Kisangani, along the Congo River, during a minimum of 24 hours?

15 – Have you taken a local boat along the River Madre de Dios during a minimum of 24 hours (Peru)?

16 – Have you traveled by boat along the Mekong River reaching Luang Prabang (Laos)?

17 – Have you boarded a canoe along the Sepik River during a minimum of 24 hours (Papua New Guinea)?

18 – Have you travelled through the Yenisei River from Krasnoyarsk to Dudinka during a minimum of 24 hours (Russia)?

19 – Have you navigated along the River Gambia?

20 – Have you navigated along the Río Escondido from Rama to Bluefields (Nicaragua)?


American traveler Jeff Shea navigated 6 days from Dudinka to Krasnoyarsk along the Yenisei River




21 – Have you traveled by local bus more than 1.000 kilometers to reach one destination?

22 – Have you traveled in trucks for over 1.000 kilometers?

23 – Have you traveled on bicycle, or motorcycle, during your journeys, over 1.000 kilometers?

24 – Have you traveled on horses carriages with rural people for, at least, 5 kilometers?

25 – Have you ridden a reindeer sledge for, at least, 5 kilometers?

26 – Have you traveled on a hot air balloon?

27 – Have you traveled in cargo boats?

28 – Have you hitchhiked over 1.000 kilometers?

29 – Have you hitchhiked (successfully) on boats?

30 – Have you traveled on camel for over 50 kilometers?


German traveler Heinz Stucke crossed on his bicycle many thousands of kilometers





31 – Have you made as a pilgrim, at least 100 kilometers on foot of the Camino de Santiago (Spain – France)?

32 – Have you finished the Kokoda Track Trail (Papua New Guinea)?

33 – Have you made the Milford Trail (New Zealand)?

34 – Have you walked as a pilgrim at least 100 kilometers of the Via Francigena from Canterbury to Rome?

35 – Have you made the Sendero del Inca from the kilometer 88 until the Machu Picchu (Peru)?

36 – Have you made the Annapurnas from Pokhara (Nepal)?

37 – Have you crossed on foot Zanskar (India)?

38 – Have you trekked to La Ciudad Perdida (Colombia)?

39 – Have you trekked around Kailash Mountain (China)?

40 – Have you made the Kaibab Trail (USA)?

German traveler Sascha Grabow made the Kokoda Trail





41 – Have you seen the Sagarmatha, or Chomolungma (Everest), between Nepal and China?

42 – Have you seen the Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)?

43 – Have you seen the Aconcagua (Argentina)?

44 – Have you seen the Thabana Ntlenyana (Lesotho)?

45 – Have you seen the Ararat (Turkey)?

46 – Have you seen the two Pitons, or volcanic plugs, in Saint Lucia?

47 – Have you climbed Adam’s Peak (Sri Lanka)?

48 – Have you climbed the Fuji Yama (Japan)?

49 – Have you climbed the Mount Sinai (Egypt)?

50 – Have you crossed the Pyrenees mountains from Spain to France or vice versa, through Andorra?

Irish traveler Johnny Ward climbing the Aconcagua





51 – Have you been in any of the Bissagos Islands (Guinea-Bissau)?

52 – Have you been in Agalega Island (Mauritius)?

53 – Have you been in Mozambique Island?

54 – Have you been in Savai’i Island (Samoa)?

55 – Have you been in Fuvammulah Island (Maldives)?

56 – Have you been in Macquarie Island (Australia)?

57 – Have you been in Desroches Island (Seychelles)?

58 – Have you been in Lamu Island (Kenya)?

59 – Have you been in Kiritimati Island (Kiribati)?

60 – Have you been in Socotra Island (Yemen)?

Canadian traveler Stewart Sheppard navigated to Macquarie Island




61 – Have you crossed the border between Albina (Suriname) and Saint Laurent du Maroni (French Guiana) through the River Maroni?

62 – Have you crossed the border between North Korea and South Korea at DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)?

63 – Have you crossed the border between Israel and Jordan through the Allenby Bridge?

64 – Have you crossed the border between Mauritania and Morocco through the Western Sahara at Bir Guerguerat?

65 – Have you crossed the border by boat between Labuan Island (Malaysia) and Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei)?

66 – Have you crossed the border between Darfur (Sudan) and Chad at Adre?

67 – Have you crossed from Panama to Colombia through the Darien Gap or via Capurgana?

68 – Have you crossed overland from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, or vice versa?

69 – Have you crossed the border on foot between Ngaundal (Central African Republic) and Panzama (Cameroon)?

70 – Have you crossed the border in Nicosia between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus?

Spanish traveler Alberto Campa reached the DMZ border between the two Koreas




71 – Have you admired the Iguazu Falls (Brazil – Argentina)?

72 – Have you admired the Niagara Falls (USA – Canada)?

73 – Have you seen Victoria Falls (Zambia – Zimbabwe)?

74 – Have you been in Salto Angel (Venezuela)?

75 – Have you been in Tissisat Falls (Ethiopia)?

76 – Have you seen Langfoss Falls (Norway)?

77 – Have you seen the Kalandula Falls, Angola?

78 – Have you seen the Epupa Falls, between Angola and Namibia?

79 – Have you seen Murchison Falls, Uganda?

80 – Have you seen Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)?

Finnish traveler Merja Lunkka in Kaieteur Falls




81 – Have you visited the Kafir Kalash (Pakistan)?

82 – Have you met the Pygmies in Uganda or in Democratic Republic of the Congo?

83 – Have you made friendship with the Swazi people in Eswatini?

84 – Have you met the Kwaio in Malaita Island (Solomon Islands)?

85 – Have you visited the Ifugaos (Philippines)?

86 – Have you been in the Himba villages (Namibia)?

87 – Have you been with the Hmong tribes in Sa Pa, Lao Cai province (Vietnam)?

88 – Have you met the Kalinago or Caribs in Dominica?

89 – Have you been with the Dani tribes in New Guinea Island?

90 – Have you made friendship with the Fang people in Equatorial Guinea?

Spanish traveler Martin Garrido (the one with clothes) visited the Dani tribes in the island of Nueva Guinea





91 – Have you seen Strokkur geyser in Iceland?

92 – Have you navigated on the Okavango Delta (Botswana)?

93 – Have you crossed the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)?

94 – Have you reached overland the Manpupuner seven rock formations (Russia)?

95 – Have you visited Taï National Park (Ivory Coast)?

96 – Have you seen Ayers Rock (Australia)?

97 – Have you seen the Great Blue Hole (Belize)?

98 – Have you been in any wadi (a kind of oasis) in Oman?

99 – Have you been in the Forest of Cedars at Becharre, Lebanon?

100 – Have you seen the phosphates of the island of Nauru?

 Uruguayan traveler Miguel Marchi in the Salar de Uyuni





101 – Have you seen gorillas in Rwanda?

102 – Have you seen lemurs in Madagascar or Comoros Islands?

103 – Have you seen sea turtles in Tortuguero National Park (Costa Rica)?

104 – Have you seen the dragons of Komodo (Indonesia)?

105 – Have you seen condors in their natural milieu?

106 – Have you ever seen pygmy hippopotamus in Liberia?

107 – Have you seen whales?

108 – Have you seen cheetahs in freedom?

109 – Have you seen bears panda in their natural milieu?

110 – Have you seen penguins in Antarctica?

American traveler Lee Abbamonte visited the gorillas in Rwanda




111 – Have you been in the City of the Dead, outskirts of Cairo (Egypt)?

112 – Have you reached Lo Manthang (Nepal)?

113 – Have you reached Timbuktu (Mali)?

114 – Have you been in Jericho (Israel)?

115 – Have you been in Santa Claus Village, near Rovaniemi (Finland)?

116 – Have you visited Mrauk-U (Myanmar)?

117 – Have you been in Babylonia (Irak)?

118 – Have you been in Harar (Ethiopia)?

119 – Have you been in Khiva (Uzbekistan)?

120 – Have you been in Oymyakon (Russia)?


Spanish traveler Antonio Aguilar visited the Biblioteca Andalusi in Timbuktu





121 – Have you visited Le Louvre (France)?

122 – Have you been in the Museo del Prado (Spain)?

123 – Have you been in the Hermitage, Saint Petersburg (Russia)?

124 – Have you visited the Galleria degli Uffizi (Italy)?

125 – Have you visited the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco?

126 – Have you visited the British Museum (United Kingdom)?

127 – Have you visited the Pergamon Museum in Berlin (Germany)?

128 – Have you visited the Museo de Antropologia, Mexico DF?

129 – Have you visited El Museo del Oro, in Bogota (Colombia)?

130 – Have you visited the National Museum, Baghdad (Irak)? 

Brazilian traveler Paulo Mansur Raymundo in the Museo del Oro de Bogotá




131 – Have you seen Persepolis (Iran)?

132 – Have you been in Copan Maya ruins (Honduras)?

133 – Have you seen the Badrulchau Stone Monoliths (Palau)?

134 – Have you seen the ruins of Great Zimbabwe?

135 – Have you admired Angkor Wat (Cambodia)?

136 – Have you seen Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon (Tonga)?

137 – Have you visited Nan Madol (Federated States of Micronesia)?

138 – Have you seen the cave paintings of Laal Geel, near Hargeisa (Somalia)?

139 – Have you seen the ruins of Merv/Mary (Turkmenistan)?

140 – Have you visited the archaeological site of Qal’at al-Bahrain (Bahrain)?


American traveler Brian Johnson in Angkor Wat





141 – Have you visited the Fetish Market, in Lome (Togo)?

142 – Have you been in the Mercado Indio of Otavalo (Ecuador)?

143 – Have you been in Djemaa el-Fnaa market, Marrakesh (Morocco)?

144 – Have you been in Riga Central Market (Latvia)?

145 – Have you been in the Floating Market, Bangkok (Thailand)?

146 – Have you been in the Analakely Market, Antananarivo (Madagascar)?

147 – Have you eaten in the Shiling Night Market of Taipei (Taiwan)?

148 – Have you visited Chicken Street market in Kabul (Afghanistan)?

149 – Have you been in Konyo Konyo market, Juba (South Sudan)?

150 – Have you been in the market of Chichicastenango (Guatemala)?

Spanish traveler José Antonio Ruiz Díez in Chicken Street market, Kabul




151 – Have you visited the Sikh Golden Temple of Amritsar (India)?

152 – Have you been in Lumbini Buddha birth place (Nepal)?

153 – Have you visited at least one of the eight main Bahai temples?

154 – Have you touched the Wall of the Solomon Temple, Jerusalem (Israel)?

155 – Have you been in at least one of the twenty Mount Athos monasteries (Greece)?

156 – Have you been in Etchmiadzin (Armenia)?

157 – Have you been in Mecca (Saudi Arabia)?

158 – Have you visited the Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican?

159 – Have you witnessed a Cargo cult rite in Vanuatu?

160 – Have you witnessed a Voodoo ceremony in Benin?


Swiss traveler Thomas Buechler visited with his wife the Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican





161 – Have you crossed Africa overland from the Mediterranean to Cape Town?

162 – Have you crossed Africa overland from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean?

163 – Have you crossed Australia overland from coast to coast (Sydney to Perth)?

164 – Have you crossed Asia overland from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean?

165 – Have you crossed South America overland from Colombia to Tierra del Fuego?

166 – Have you crossed North America overland from the Atlantic to the Pacific?

167 – Have you crossed South America overland from Brazil to the Pacific Ocean?

168 – Have you crossed Europe overland from North Cape (Norway) to Tarifa (Spain)?

169 – Have you crossed the Arabian Peninsula overland from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf?

170 – Have you made overland the Hippy route to India?

American traveler Bill Altaffer in the middle of Siberia. He crossed all Asia overland, from the Ural Mountains to Vladivostok





171 – Have you participated in the Brazilian Carnival in Rio, Salvador or Olinda (Brazil)?

172 – Have you been in any of the Kumbha Mela’s festival (Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain or Nasik), India?

173 – Have you seen the San Fermin Fiestas of bulls in Pamplona during July (Spain)?

174 – Have you seen the Chinese New Year in Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai or Beijing?

175 – Have you seen the Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago with Calypso music?

176 – Have you been in the Naadam festival in Mongolia?

177 – Have you seen the Fatele music and dances celebration in Tuvalu?

178 – Have you seen the Arirang in North Korea?

179 – Have you watched the Tchiloli celebration with theatre, music and dance in São Tomé and Príncipe?

180 – Have you seen the whirling dervishes’ dances in Konya during the Mevlana Festival (Turkey)?

American traveler Charles Veley in the Brazilian Carnival of Rio de Janeiro




181 – Have you ever tried Fugu in Japan?

182 – Have you eaten Bucaramanga ants in Colombia?

183 – Have you eaten Balut in the Philippines?

184 – Have you ever tasted Pupusas while in El Salvador?

185 – Have you eaten Cuy in Ecuador, Bolivia or Peru?

186 – Have you eaten camel meat in the United Arab Emirates?

187 – Have you drank Blue Mountain coffee, in any city of Jamaica?

188 – Have you drank Guinness black beer in a pub in Dublin (Ireland)?

189 – Have you tasted Kava in Fiji Islands?

190 – Have you tried Mate in Argentina or in Uruguay?

English traveler Shiran de Silva eating fugu in a restaurant in Beppu, Island of Kyushu, Japan




191 – Have you slept, at least, one night in a hammock?

192 – Have you ever slept in a cave?

193 – Have you slept in a Yurt (or Yaranga)?

194 – Have you ever slept inside a telephone booth?

195 – Have you been invited to sleep in a native house, and have you accepted?

196 – Have you spent, at least, one night in the benches of an airport?

197 – Have you slept, at least, one night in the benches of an open park?

198 – During your journeys and for travel reasons, have you ever spent one night in a jail?

199 – Have you spent one night sleeping over the sands of a beach?

200 – During your journeys, have you ever slept in a 5 stars hotel?

Portuguese traveler Samuel Santos sleeping in an airport




201 – Have you been in Balaton Lake (Hungary)?

202 – Have you been in the Lake Assal (Djibouti)?

203 – Have you been in Lake Ohrid (Albania – North Macedonia)?

204 – Have you been in Lake Retba (Senegal)?

205 – Have you seen the Tanganyika Lake (Tanzania – Burundi – DR Congo – Zambia)?

206 – Have you been in Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)?

207 – Have you been in Lake Malawi (Malawi – Mozambique – Tanzania)?

208 – Have you been in the Lake Issyk Kul (Kyrgyzstan)?

209 – Have you been in the Lake Chad (Chad – Nigeria – Cameroon – Niger)?

210 – Have you been in the Lake Tana (Ethiopia)?

Swedish traveler Lars Gunnar Gardo in Balatonlelle, where he visited the Balaton Lake




211 – Have you seen the Murugan statue in Batu Caves (Malaysia)?

212 – Have you seen the Voortrekker Monument near Pretoria (South Africa)?

213 – Have you seen the equestrian statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia?

214 – Have you seen the monument devoted to Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza in Brazzaville (Republic of Congo)?

215 – Have you seen the Cristo Rei of Dili (East Timor)?

216 – Have you seen the Courage monument in Brest (Belarus)?

217 – Have you seen the Bayterek Tower in Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan)?

218 – Have you seen the Bussa Emancipation Statue in Bridgetown (Barbados)?

219 – Have you seen the Triumphal Arch of Chisinau (Moldova)?

220 – Have you seen the Laykyun Sekkya Buddha statue in Myanmar?




221 – Have you crossed the Georgian Military Road from Tbilisi to Vladikavkaz, or vice versa?

222 – Have you traveled, at least 1.000 kilometers, along the Silk Road?

223 – Have you crossed the Ruta Transchaco from Asuncion (Paraguay) to Santa Cruz (Bolivia), or vice versa?

224 – Have you traveled on the Karakoram Highway (Pakistan)?

225 – Have you completely crossed La Carretera de la Muerte, Bolivia?

226 – Have you traveled along the Curonian Spit (Lithuania)?

227 – Have you traveled the scenic road from Asmara to Massawa (Eritrea)?

228 – Have you traveled on the Ruta 40, Argentina?

229 – Have you crossed the Pamir Highway (Tajikistan)?

230 – Have you crossed the Road of Bones, Russia?

Spanish traveler Lorenzo Nuñez drove all the Ruta 40 in Argentina and he visited Torres del Paine at the border with Chile




231 – Have you been inside a Dzong in Bhutan?

232 – Have you been in the castle of Bran, Romania?

233 – Have you sighted the Vaduz Castle (Liechtenstein)?

234 – Have you entered Elmina Castle, Ghana?

235 – Have you been in Kuressaare Castle, in Saaremaa Island (Estonia)?

236 – Have you seen Predjama Castle, Slovenia?

237 – Have you been in Spiš Castle, Slovakia?

238 – Have you been in the fortress of Guaita, San Marino?

239 – Have you visited Krak des Chevaliers, Syria?

240 – Have you visited the Citadelle, Haiti?

Romanian traveler Petri Jurescu in the castle of Bran




241 – Have you seen the bridge over the River Kwai (Thailand)?

242 – Have you crossed the Charles Bridge in Prague (Czech Republic)?

243 – Have you crossed the Crimean Bridge over the Kerch Strait (Russia)?

244 – Have you crossed the old bridge of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)?

245 – Have you crossed the Chapel Bridge (Switzerland)?

246 – Have you seen Si-o-se-Pol Bridge (Iran)?

247 – Have you crossed on foot Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)?

248 – Have you crossed the Suez Canal Bridge (Egypt)?

249 – Have you crossed the Bridge of the Americas in Panama?

250 – Have you crossed the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge (China)?

Italian traveler Mauro Martino in the Stari Most (Old Bridge) of Mostar




251 – Have you crossed the Atacama Desert (Chile)?

252 – Have you been in the Gobi Desert (Mongolia)?

253 – Have you seen the Taklamakan Desert (China)?

254 – Have you crossed at least 1.000 kilometers of the Sahara Desert?

255 – Have you traversed the Kalahari Desert (Botswana – Namibia)?

256 – Have you crossed the Thar Desert (India)?

257 – Have you been in the Ténéré Desert (Niger – Chad)?

258 – Have you crossed the Libyan Desert?

259 – Have you crossed the Arabian Desert?

260 – Have you crossed the Sonora Desert (Mexico)?

Finnish traveler Harry Tuomola crossed by jeep the Sahara Desert




261 – Have you taken an airplane from Kathmandu to Lhasa, or vice versa?

262 – Have you taken a small airplane to admire the Nazca Lines (Peru)?

263 – Have you taken an airplane from Chukotka Peninsula to Alaska, or vice versa, sighting Diomede Islands?

264 – Have you taken a small airplane from Gilgit to Islamabad sighting the high Himalaya Mountains (Pakistan)?

265 – Have you taken a helicopter between Bagdogra and Gangtok (Sikkim), India?

266 – Have you taken a small airplane between Mitú and Villavicencio watching the thick jungle of the Amazon below (Colombia)?

267 – Have you taken an airplane from Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq or Nuuk watching the wonderful white scenery when overflying Greenland?

268 – Have you taken a seaplane between San Juan (Puerto Rico) and US Virgin Islands?

269 – Have you landed in the contaminated Kwajalein Atoll (Marshall Islands) even without being authorized to get off the airplane?

270 – Have you flown in a military airplane without sitting, but standing up all the time for 2 hours, holding your hand onto a bar on the ceiling, as if traveling on the bus or in the subway, for instance from Kandahar to Kabul?

Spanish traveler Carlos Useros boarded an airplane from Copenhagen to Nuuk enjoying the scenary during the flight over Greenland




271 – Have you walked along Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul (Turkey)?

272 – Have you walked along Knez Mihailova Street, Belgrad (Serbia)?

273 – Have you walked in Calle Caminito, Buenos Aires (Argentina)?

274 – Have you walked in Republic Street, Valleta (Malta)?

275 – Have you walked in Insadong-gil, Seoul (South Korea)?

276 – Have you walked along the Doha Corniche (Qatar)?

277 – Have you walked in Calle Obispo, Havana (Cuba)?

278 – Have you walked along Calle El Conde in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)?

279 – Have you walked along Khreshchatyk Street in Kiev (Ukraine)?

280 – Have you walked along Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis?

Spanish traveler Julián Rey walking along Calle Caminito in Buenos Aires




281 – Have you seen the Azov Sea?

282 – Have you seen the Laptev Sea?

283 – Have you crossed the Sulu Sea?

284 – Have you crossed the Sargasso Sea?

285 – Have you had a bath in the Dead Sea?

286 – Have you been in the Sea of Okhotsk??

287 – Have you been in the Red Sea?

288 – Have you been in the Sea of Chiloé?

289 – Have you been in the Coral Sea?

290 – Have you been in the Halmahera Sea?




291 – Have you taken the Metro in Brussels (Belgium)?

292 – Have you taken the Metro in Copenhagen (Denmark)?

293 – Have you taken the Metro in Algiers (Algeria)?

294 – Have you taken the Metro in Stockholm (Sweden)?

295 – Have you taken the Metro in Sofia (Bulgaria)?

296 – Have you taken the Metro in Singapore?

297 – Have you taken the Metro in Amsterdam (Netherlands)?

298 – Have you taken the Metro in Warsaw (Poland)?

299 – Have you taken the Metro in Vienna (Austria)?

300 – Have you taken the Metro in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)?

Dominican Republic traveler Darleng De Los Santos Reyes in the T-Centralen station of the underground in Stockholm




301 – Have you taken the boat between Khulna and Dakha (Bangladesh)?

302 – Have you navigated from Kingstown to Mustique Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)?

303 – Have you taken the boat between Douala (Cameroon) and Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)?

304 – Have you taken the boat between Bari (Italy) and Bar (Montenegro)?

305 – Have you taken the ferry between islands in Cape Verde?

306 – Have you taken the boat between Juneau (USA) and Vancouver Island (Canada)?

307 – Have you taken the boat between Freetown (Sierra Leone) and Conakry (Guinea)?

308 – Have you taken a boat from Baku (Azerbaijan) to any Turkmenistan port, or vice versa?

309 – Have you taken the boat between Grenada and Carriacou Island (Grenada)?

310 – Have you taken the boat between Antigua and Barbuda islands?

311 – Have you traveled by boat from Saint Kitts and Nevis islands?

American traveler Pamela Barrus took a boat in Baku and arrived to the Turkmenistan port of Turkmenbashi




312 – Have you had to work “on the road” to finance your journey?

313 – Have you fallen in love (and been corresponded) with a native in a country during your journeys?

314 – Have you lived for at least one week, as a monk, in a monastery during your journeys?

315 – Have you done an around the world continuous journey lasting at least a whole year?

316 – Have you shared the life with the people of a Kibbutz of Israel for at least one week?

317 – Have you lived in Auroville, India, at least a few days?

318 – Do you speak and write, at least, four out of the six United Nations official languages of work (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish)?

319 – Have you reached the Geographical North Pole?

320 – Have you reached the Geographical South Pole?

321 – Are you a member of any prestigious XIX century Geographical Society?

322 – Have you been during your travels in the trenches of a country at war?

Swedish traveler Markus Lundgren traveled to the Geographical South Pole




323 – Have you been in the house of Marco Polo, Venice?

324 – Have you been in the place where Columbus first set foot in San Salvador Island (Bahamas)?

325 – Have you seen the plaque to Magellan in Mactan Island (Philippines), where he died?

326 – Have you seen in the Hieronymites Monastery (Lisbon) the mausoleum devoted to Vasco da Gama?

327 – Have you seen in Getaria, Spain, the monument to Elcano, first circumnavigator of the world?

328 – Have you been in Kealakekua Bay (Hawaii) where Captain Cook was killed?

329 – Have you been in Ujiji (Tanzania), the place where Livingstone and Stanley met?

330 – Have you seen Shackleton grave in Grytviken (South Georgia Island)?

331 – Have you seen the plaque to Cabeza de Vaca in Iguaçu Falls (Argentinean side)?

332 – Have you visited the burial monument of Ibn Batuta in Tangier?

333 – Have you seen the Memorial Hall devoted to Xuanzang in Nalanda, India?


German traveler Herbert Goebels in the stone marking the two nights that Livingstone and Stanley spent together near Bujumbura (Burundi), although the first meeting between these two travelers was in Ujiji (Tanzania).






- From 300 to 333 exploits: DIAMOND

- From 250 to 299 exploits: PLATINUM

- From 150 to 249 exploits: GOLD

- From 50 to 149 exploits: SILVER

- From 0 to 49 exploits: BRONZE



(None yet)


(none yet)


1 – Sascha Grabow… Germany (1968) 241

2 – Carlos Useros Moyano… Spain (1969) 210

3 Bill Altaffer USA (1943) 159
4 Elliot Koch USA (1945) 153
 5 Heinz Stücke Germany (1940) 147
 6 Frank Grosse-Oetringhaus Germany (1942) 146
 7 André Brugiroux France (1937) 137
 8 Herbert Goebels Germany (1938) 135
 9 Paulo Mansur Raymundo Brazil (1956) 123
 10 Joao Paulo Peixoto Portugal (1964) 122
 11 Lorenzo Nuñez Spain (1967) 121
12 Dario Gil Spain (1962) 117
13 Pamela Barrus USA (19??) 116
13 Sabino Antuna Spain (1937) 116
14 Stewart Sheppard Canada (1939) 113
15 Markus Lundgren Sweden (1978) 112
16  Thomas Buechler  Switzerland  (1958)  106
17 Stephen Newcomer USA (1958) 105
18 Carolyn Broadwell USA (1931) 102
19   Juan Pons                         Spain            (1941)  102
20 Jeff Shea USA (1955) 92
21 Charles Veley USA (1965) 85
22 Antonio Aguilar Spain (1986) 85
23 Shiran de Silva UK (1968) 82
24 Jose Antonio Ruiz Diez Spain (1974) 78
25 Miguel Marchi Uruguay (1957) 78
26 Frans Lettenstrom Sweden (1955) 76
27 Alberto Campa Spain (1967) 68




Sergi Vega



Denis Canon













30 Harry Tuomola Finland (1966) 64
31 Jean Philippe Platroz France (1957) 62
32 Andrea Funkhouser USA (1967) 62
33 Johnny Ward Ireland (1983) 61
34 Randy Getty USA (1951) 60
35 Merja Lunkka Finland (1961) 59
36 Lee Abbamonte USA (1978) 59
37 Jeff Ohlfs USA (1962) 59
38 Brian Johnson USA (1972) 58
39  Jesús Puelles Fernández  Spain  (1956) 58
40  Gorgorio Arias Ruiz  Spain  (1970)  55
41 Bill Wohlrab USA (1941) 54
42 Mauro Martino Italia (1962) 54
43 David Alonso Spain (1980) 54



Oscar Mestre 


Borja León-Sotelo










46 Francisco Zamora Spain (1941) 53
47 Lina Jimenez Spain (1945) 53
4849 Carlos AniésJordi Torras SpainSpain 19861969 5352
50 Francky D’Hoop Belgium 1963 52
51 Olivier Demars France 1976 51
52 Richard Foltz Canada (1961) 51


53 Miguel Ordoñez Spain (1970) 48
54 Aino Ilkkala Finland (1946) 47
55 Frank Britton Ireland (1952) 46
56 Miguel Ángel Santos Spain (1959) 44
57 Juan Antonio López Spain (1965) 42
58 Julian Rey Spain (1993) 41
59 Xavier Tarrago Spain (1976) 41
60 Ray Heizer USA (1944) 40
61 Petri Jurescu Romania (1983) 40

62 – Gary Arndt….. USA….. (1969) 39

63 – Gloria James…   Singapore… (1970) 38

64 – Martin Garrido…   Spain… (1957) 38

65 – Diego Álvarez… Spain (1988) 37

66 – Ges Roulstone… UK (1955) 37

67 – Roberto Lastra… Australia (1972) 35

68 – Jason Mitchell… USA (1981) 34

69 – Antonio Montoro Ruiz… Spain (1979) 34

70- Richard Lovik… Sweden (1969) 33

71 – Victor Alonso… Spain (1976) 32

72 – Claudia Spector… Argentina (1962) 30

73 – Darleng De Los Santos Reyes… R. Dominicana (1978) 29

74 – Flor Vallejo… Argentina (1980) 28

75 – Salome Van Der Heyden… France (1991) 27

76 – Javier Tafur… Spain (1998) 27

77 – Edu García… Spain (1966) 26

78 – Xavier Ferrandiz… Spain (1975) 24

79 – Chad Koeplinger… USA (1976 )21

80 – Lars Gunnar Gardo… Sweden (1951) 19

81 – Igor Oliveira… Brazil (1988) 18

82 – Daniel Cooke… USA (1992) 15

83 – Ryan Smith… USA (1990) 15

84 – Daniel Aragones… Spain (1970) 15

85 – Joann Schwartz… USA (1970) 14

86 – Luis Alberto Astudillo… Peru (1981) 13

87 – Javier Pastor… Spain (1990) 13

88 – Fernando Sanchez… Spain (1989) 13

89 – Samuel Santos… Portugal (1984) 11

90 – Alfonso Biescas… Spain (1945) 10

91 – Agustin Ruiz… Argentina (1975) 10

92 -  David Cross… UK (1937) 10

93 – …